The Bedford-Armonk Rotary Club is proud to announce the induction of three distinguished new members.
George Engel and Abbot FleurNancy Engel and Abbot FleurNorm Michaels and Abbot FleurGroup Picture of Rotary Members
Bedford-Armonk, NY – The Bedford-Armonk Rotary Club is proud to announce the induction of three distinguished new members, each bringing a wealth of experience and dedication to their new roles. The new inductees include George Engel, a seasoned educator and leadership coach; Nancy Engel, a veteran in the equine industry; and Norman Michaels, a successful entrepreneur and the club's new Treasurer.

George Engel: A Beacon of Leadership and Education

George Engel joins the Rotary Club with an impressive resume, boasting 30 years of experience in the educational sector. As a John Maxwell certified leadership coach, teacher, and speaker, Engel has dedicated his career to fostering leadership and personal development. His workshops and seminars are known for their impactful insights and practical strategies.

Nancy Engel: Champion of Equine Welfare and Agriculture

Nancy Engel is equally celebrated in her domain, bringing nearly four decades of expertise to the club. As the farm manager of Sunnyfield Farm in Bedford, NY, Nancy has been at the forefront of equine care and sustainable farming practices. Her dedication to the welfare of horses and her innovative approach to farm management have earned her recognition within the local community and beyond.

Norman Michaels: Financial Steward and Community Supporter

The Rotary Club is also pleased to welcome Norman Michaels, the new Treasurer and a pillar of the Bedford business community. As the founder of a successful payroll company, Michaels brings invaluable financial acumen to the club. His long-standing commitment to community service and his expertise in financial management will be instrumental in advancing the club's projects and initiatives.
The induction ceremony, held at the Bedford-Armonk Rotary Club headquarters, was a testament to the club's vibrant community and ongoing mission to make a meaningful impact locally and globally. The new members expressed excitement about contributing to the club's diverse projects, ranging from local community service to international humanitarian efforts.

As the Bedford-Armonk Rotary Club grows and evolves, adding members like George, Nancy, and Norman underscores the club's commitment to leadership, service, and community engagement. The club looks forward to the fresh perspectives and energy these new members will bring to its mission of fostering peace and goodwill across communities. For more information about the Bedford-Armonk Rotary Club and its initiatives or to learn how to get involved, please visit